The Ultimate Woven Wrap Carry Resource

Welcome to Wraplena

Hello and welcome to my site! It's a work in progress, but this is going to be a great resource for woven wrap carries. Amongst other things, each carry will have its own page with the best tutorials I know of, tips and tricks that I've learned over the years, common issues, and links to related carries.

Some other things to look for:

Recent Updates

Posted pages for the following carries:
  1. Front Wrap Cross Carry with bunched passes.
  2. Ruck tied in front.

My Philosophy

I'm a firm believer that learning how to wrap well and choosing your carries wisely will enable you to comfortably use most commercially available woven wraps. This site is designed to make what you have work. Therefore, I will not suggest buying a new wrap as a troubleshooting method.

Don't get me wrong -- there are definitely situations where changing wraps is the answer. But I believe that they are the the exception and not the rule. In my wrapping experience, there are lots of potentail tweaks you can make to a carry to adjust your comfort level. I treat wrapping as a science, and I hope this approach will be of help to you!

Safety Note

All the carries on this site are meant for woven wraps -- non-stretchy pieces of cloth that are designed for the purpose of carrying your baby. They are not appropriate for stretchy wraps (such as the Moby wrap, the Boba wrap, the Solly, etc.)