The Ultimate Woven Wrap Carry Resource

Need Help?

Have you been browsing the website, but are having trouble knowing where to start? Is there too much information? Too little information? Is a page or a tutorial not making sense? Do you simply need to talk to someone instead of browsing? Fear not – get in touch with me, and I'll do my best to help out.

Feel free to shoot me a message about anything at all wrap-related – site suggestions, questions, ideas for things to add, or simply to ask for advice.

Contact Me

To get in touch, write to me at my gmail: it's the name of this website at

Facebook Group

I'm also one of the admins at the Facebook group Geeky Wrappers, which is devoted to troubleshooting wrap carries. We welcome wrappers of any skill level, from "what do I do with this long piece of cloth?" to "I know a zillion back carries!"

We are a friendly group and we have something to offer everyone! We will suggest tweaks, troubleshoot from pictures and videos, and otherwise do our best to make sure you can enjoy your wrap!


At some point when this site has more content, I plan to start doing Skype consultations – I envision doing a half an hour or hour long Skype session where I watch someone using their wrap and make suggestions. I'm not going to officially set it up for a while, but if you're potentially interested in getting one on one help, shoot me a message! (While this is unofficial, it would definitely be free.)