The Ultimate Woven Wrap Carry Resource

About Me


Hi there! My name is Olena, and I'm a self-professed wrap nerd. I've been wrapping with a woven wrap since 2013, when my first was about 6 months old. I started babywearing with a Moby wrap (a stretchy wrap) when she was born, but didn't get hooked until I got a woven wrap and was able to put her on my back. It was so convenient to have my hands free! It was so amazing to go for walks with her and not worry about stairs or doors... and she wasn't a big fan of the stroller to begin with. Woven wraps were life-changing for us!

I fell in love with lots of things about wovens: the versatility, the beauty, and the intricacy. There was so much to learn! I've always been intense about my hobbies, and here was a hobby I could really sink my teeth into. For a few years now, I've tried to learn all I can about wrapping – there's a surprising number of tweaks that can take a carry from uncomfortable to "I can carry my baby this way for hours." Alas, some of the tweaks are not very well-known.

Why This Site?

I'm putting together this site because I believe there should be a thorough, one-stop resource for woven wrap carries on the Internet. I've learned so much from other babywearers, but the information was incredibly scattered – in Facebook groups, in YouTube videos, on – and if you don't know what you're looking for, it's easy to get bad advice.

In particular, I've seen many more websites which review wraps than give carry advice, which seems backwards to me! It is my firm belief that you can comfortably wear with a very large range of wovens – you just need to pick a carry that suits both your preferences and your wrap. I'm hoping that this website will enable more people to find that carry instead of giving up!

My Other Projects

I have a wrapping tutorial channel, also called Wraplena, where I post tutorials showing my favorite tricks for lots of carries. I try to update it regularly, although I've taken a hiatus while I've been putting this website together.

I also run a Facebook group, Geeky Wrappers, which is devoted to troubleshooting wrap carries. Come join us if you need any help!

Favorite Carries

These change all the time... a more comprehensive list coming soon! But I'm currently enjoying Double Hammock and Ruckless Bikini Carry.